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Success Stories

Tetyana Timofeeva

Quality Assurance Engineer

By enrolling in the Rocket 2.0 course and immersing myself in the world of ServiceNow, I transformed my career trajectory and set the stage for a fulfilling future as an IT professional.

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Ripsime Khachatrian

Business Analyst/Project Manager

Embarking on the Rocket course at Teiva Systems Academy transformed my career, leading me from a state of depression to becoming a successful ServiceNow specialist with exciting job opportunities.

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Sofia Akulova

ServiceNow Support Specialist

Before enrolling in the course, I did not work in IT. Discovering the ServiceNow platform started for me self-learning, but the knowledge was not structured in my brain, so I went to the course.

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Maksym Diachun

ServiceNow Junior Support specialist

As soon as I finished the online course, I saw a post about starting the ServiceNow Rocket Course and I had no concerns about continuing my education. As a result of my hard work during the course, I got a job offer from Teiva Systems.

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Dmytro Suprun

ServiceNow Developer

I was one of the first students at this course in winter 2019-2020. I started the course without having basic skills in web development.
At the end of the course, I got an offer. 2 students in my group started working in Teiva Systems as ServiceNow specialists.

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Denys Varava

Junior Business Analyst / Project Manager

What can happen to a person who has spent more than 20 years working in the marketing industry? If someone had told me, I wouldn’t have believed it
Teiva Systems reached out to me two days before the final exam with an offer to work together.

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Artem Gorodynets

ServiceNow Junior Support Specialist

I studied ServiceNow on my own and got it’s very promising. I was told to check Teiva Systems Rocket Course. Any hesitation went out after the trial lessons. I loved the classes where we applied the skills to our own cases. Two weeks after the course I had a job interview. In few days they informed me I had obtained an offer, which I was happy about:)

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