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Denys Varava Succes Story

If someone had told me at the beginning of the year that October would bring such remarkable changes to my professional life, I wouldn’t have believed it 🙂 

What can happen to a person who has spent more than 20 years working in the marketing industry, 14 of those years at one company, starting as a marketer and eventually becoming the department head? To find the answer, search for ServiceNow on Google.

The initial encounter evoked the well-known feeling of “nothing understood, but extremely intriguing,” and it prompted a more thorough independent study of the ServiceNow platform during downtime using a variety of YouTube sources, Learning Plans and Udemy courses. Yes, this was helpful to learn how some parts of the platform worked, but it did not provide a full picture of all the possible outcomes.

The story might have ended here, but important things happened: a close friend sent me a link and an invitation to a free ServiceNow marathon by Teiva Systems, where I met future mentors. One of the benefits I’d like to highlight is that the course mentors are active ServiceNow developers. 

Along with important information, they put a lot of examples and work cases in almost every lesson. These helped students learn more about the platform in depth and were helpful for solving problems of any complexity, taking advantage of the platform’s flexible functionality and customizability options.

Danilo and Serhiy are fantastic mentors! If students are working on a challenging subject or have questions, the two-hour limit may be easily exceeded. It’s important to keep in mind that the mentors gave up more than an hour of their free time to help students with their homework.. Each of us received thorough support from the beginning to the end of the course without exception.

The job interview is a whole other story. Between the marathon and the main course, the company requested resumes and extended an invitation to interview. I jumped at the chance because I thought, “Maybe this is a way to get to know potential students a little better.” The meeting was fairly straightforward: a brief introduction, questions about work experience, and answers. After the meeting, when I was asked directly, “Wait, is this an interview?” I realized that my initial assumptions were wrong.

Where am I going? The interview didn’t seem to be a question-and-answer session or stress test. In my opinion, the interview at Teiva Systems was one of the least stressful I’ve ever attended. Additionally, I have no doubt about how well things will go if Teiva Systems offers you a job interview.

The phase where students prepared for their final course exams ended up being the most fascinating. Teiva Systems reached out to me two days before the final exam with an offer to work together. I don’t remember anything until the last meeting with the mentor during the interview, the two days that followed were a blur.

What conclusions did I draw?