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Maksym Diachun Success Story

I am a lawyer by profession, but I realized at some point that I wanted to change my type of work. After multiple training courses and interviews, I landed my first IT job, which I paired for three years with employment as a lawyer. I had almost no free time left. Therefore, I needed to make a decision. I had spent the past two years as a PHP backend engineer. It was intriguing, as it is a prevalent field with high demand. However, I wanted to learn a “niche” technology with greater development potential.

When I was beginning my IT career, I’d heard about ServiceNow. Things did not start out particularly well. Prior to a year ago, despite uncertainty regarding my ability to acquire commercial development experience, I began taking an online course on my own because I knew that with a strong desire, all things are possible. This time, the riddles were deciphered. 

As soon as I finished the online course, I saw a post by Teiva Systems about starting the ServiceNow Rocket Course and I had no concerns about continuing my education. As a result of my hard work during the course, I got a job offer from Teiva Systems, where I work currently. 

The course is extraordinarily significant. On one occasion, it took me up to 15 hours to complete my assignments. Sometimes communication with other group members was advantageous. The course was conducted in a very convenient manner. The materials were always accessible for in-depth research. Although I attempted to learn on my own, I gained the majority of my expertise through the ServiceNow Rocket Course. Everything was exceptionally well planned.

I found the two-way nature of communication to be really valuable. During lectures, we asked questions and looked at some parts in more detail.

I was rather concerned, but everything worked well during the interview. The questions were moderately difficult, but if you are motivated during your studies, your chances of success are good. The knowledge gained during the training course is adequate for passing a technical interview.

And I am pleased to report that two weeks after the interview, I received an offer and now work for a reputable organization.