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My Success Story: Journey from IT Support to ServiceNow Specialist

Before enrolling in the Rocket 2.0 course, I had been working in IT support, where I had the opportunity to enhance my communication skills and develop a genuine interest in IT products. Then I decided to explore testing and began working with sites on the Wix platform. This experience provided me with a fresh perspective on IT products, igniting a passion within me to dive deeper into the world of technology.

During that time, I had the chance to interact with some people at Teiva Systems who were closely involved with the #ServiceNow platform. They raved about its capabilities, and I became increasingly intrigued. I wanted to experience the same level of amazement, so I made the decision to join the Rocket 2.0 course, which specialized in ServiceNow.

The learning journey throughout the course was nothing short of amazing. We had a fantastic tutor who guided us through the intricacies of the ServiceNow platform, ensuring we understood its core concepts. After each module, we were given practical tasks to complete, allowing us to apply our knowledge and solidify our understanding. Additionally, we were encouraged to explore the platform independently, which gave us the freedom to experiment and ask questions as they arose.

 One particular aspect of the course that stood out to me was the “How NOT to break your PDI and keep it alive till the end of the course” challenge. It was an exhilarating behind-the-scenes task that tested our troubleshooting skills and knowledge of the platform. Only a few students managed to successfully navigate this challenge, and although I wasn’t one of them, it was an invaluable learning experience.

Surprisingly, even before completing the Rocket 2.0 course, I was invited to a technical #interview. This demonstrated the value of the skills I had acquired and reaffirmed my belief that I was on the right path. The interview process consisted of multiple stages, including a preliminary discussion with a recruiter and a thorough technical assessment. While waiting for the results, I experienced a mix of anxiety and excitement.

To my delight, I received a job offer from Teiva Systems sooner than expected. They recognized my dedication and saw the potential in me as a ServiceNow specialist. Joining their team was a dream come true, and I was able to seamlessly integrate the knowledge I had gained from the Rocket 2.0 course into my daily work. The transition from IT support to a ServiceNow specialist showcased my adaptability and passion for continuous learning.

My success story is a testament to the power of seizing opportunities and embracing new challenges. By enrolling in the Rocket 2.0 course and immersing myself in the world of ServiceNow, I transformed my career trajectory and set the stage for a fulfilling future as an IT professional. I am grateful for the invaluable guidance provided by the course and the unwavering support of my colleagues at Teiva Systems.